Sustainability in HR Management

Sustainability is an extremely multi-faceted concept and interpreted very differently. It is often discussed in connection with the idea of "green company".

When we speak of sustainability in personnel work, we define it as unison of economic, social and environmental aspects of the company. We understand sustainability as these programs that enable a company to promote both the environment of the people and an economic growth.

The use of personnel within the company places special demands on employees, managers and HR professionals in the perspective of sustainability. These questions show the relationship clearly:

Studies show that mixed-age teams increase the duration of employment in the company - a promising approach. However, how does a company manage to meet the resulting demands? How will it be possible to offer as well career paths that show not only professional career growth in pyramid forming leadership development paths, but also promote a balanced age structure, addressing the life situation of the individuals aligned with duties and responsibilities in a company?

Education and training must be aligned in a more sustainable business opportunity. This is done through education and training that is geared to the long term objectives of the company, forms an effective basis, promotes a permanent need-based development of both the organization and employees and their managers, and which is responsive to new talents. Thus the continuous renewal is supported in the company and the people are given the opportunity in the company, to take appropriate tasks that match their life situation.

And there are many more examples in personnel work to promote sustainability.

HR Projekt Consulting represents a holistic approach; with which the staff work in the company of our customers will be the key to the promotion of sustainability. Our approach is based on a cycle that evolves to meet the challenges inside and outside the company.

A future-proof business strategy for human resources emerges through the analysis of HR strategies, their development and implementation in the areas of

It is worthwhile for companies to align their HR strategies and the effect held that ensure long-term innovation and growth, motivation, lifelong learning and responsible performing in terms of sustainability.

HR Projekt Consulting accompanies you to shape the HR work in the sense of sustainability.

ginkgo tree

Of the millennium, the German "Coratorship tree of the year" defined Ginkgo biloba tree as the memorial for environmental protection and peace, and the tree of the millennium.

We view the ginkgo tree is a symbol for sustainability in nature, in life and in work.

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