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HR Projekt-Consulting was founded by Anette Westarp.
For many years she has held leadership positions in international businesses and since 2008 she works as an independent consultant with a focus on human resources related tasks and issues..

HR Projekt-Consulting Consulting provides significant savings through the business model effects, because our services are tailored to address
company-specific tasks and avoid permanent fixed costs

for our clients. On the contrary, we support our customers and their internal resources - which we define as employees, tools, methods and procedures
- in a targeted manner.

We will add it there, where the company of our customers meets internally at borders, supplemented by external consultants from conception to launch and implementation in all aspects of personnel work.

As business partners and strategic advisors, it is our philosophy to offer to our customers a professional HR environment for the implementation of their HR projects. We stand for timely HR management with our external support and project work. We perform from the idea to delivery, from conception to implementation, execution and quality assurance.
We work at a reasonable cost in time, energy and resources.

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